Together Scotland have published their new report  which assesses the impact of Brexit on children's rights with a specific case study on cross border family law.  The report finds that:

  • More than 10% (5,604) of all children born in across the UK in 2016 are at risk of losing legal protections in the areas of child custody, child abduction and child maintenance.
  • Children’s human rights have not been adequately considered in Brexit discussions, resulting in a serious risk that many children with one parent from the UK and the other from another EU country could lose specific legal protections in custody disputes.

Children’s rights are increasingly being embedded in EU legislation. This ensures children’s human rights are protected, respected and fulfilled across EU member states in line with the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. The EU Withdrawal Bill jeopardises these protections.

You can access press releases and a copy of the report through the links below

Malene Bratlie