Health...What are the Brexit issues?

The healthcare workforce on the island of Ireland is essentially one workforce. The existing open border arrangements on the island enable medical professionals based on both side of the border to travel freely to provide healthcare to their patients. This needs to continue both for the benefit of patients and for the service on which they so heavily rely on and to safeguard the sustainability of vital health services in North and South of the border. If after Brexit only the Common Travel Area rules apply, then only UK and Irish nationals will remain protected by this freedom. This would mean that separate arrangements may need to be put in place for EU nationals.

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Malene Bratlie
Another Europe is Possible: the Great Tory power grab

This is the legislation that moves EU law into British law, but we warned from the outset that this was not all the Great Repeal Bill was intended to do.  We warned that it would hand over sweeping powers to government ministers, giving them the power to undermine rights, freedoms and the democratic process.

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Sam Coates