European Union (Withdrawal) Bill - UNISON Second Reading

UNISON is the largest public service union in the UK with 1.3 million members. We represent 800,000 local government workers (including school support staff and workers in social care), 350,000 healthcare staff employed in the NHS and members employed in Education, Police and Justice, Water, Environment, Transport and Energy. In addition UNISON members are employed by private contractors and work in the community and voluntary sector (60,000).

Within the UK UNISON represents public service workers in all four nations of the UK: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. UNISON actively participates in all parliamentary and devolved assembly’s’ legislature processes including Bills, policies and regulations.

UNISON’s overall priority focus on the UK withdrawal from the EU has been to highlight the impact and challenges of Brexit on:

  • Continued EU/UK parity on employment rights and standards, including environmental, health and safety, citizen, equality and human rights
  • Public services and the public service labour market, with an emphasis on the need to fund and grow a skilled domestic workforce as well as maintaining a EU and Non EU migration system which is easy and accessible – particularly in education, health & social care services
  • A new trade deal that offers the best economic model for continued UK growth and improved living standards and excludes public services from all free trade deals

More information on each of these priority areas can be found here.

Jacob MB